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Farmer's Market Report: National Farmer's Market Week 2017 - Leesburg, Va 2017

Wow!  This week is National Farmer's Market Week August 6 -12, 2017.  I feel so blessed to have so many great farmer's markets in my area.  The number of markets and vendors have grown over the years.  This all means I come home with loads of great food every week!  I don't need to go to the grocery store for much in the summer.  My produce, meat, and eggs are from the market.  I make recipes fit the season, and I don't have to think hard about what to have for dinner.  Summer is all about making the fresh produce the star of the show.  When you buy in season the quality is high.   Celebrate those ingredients and let their flavors shine by keeping it simple!
     Below, I highlight my recent finds and recipes to celebrate National Farmer's Market Week!  Find recipes for your Swiss chard, peaches (plus how to blanch peaches), tomatoes, squash, leeks, onions, pea shoots, and beef!

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Farmer's Market Report - June 24, July 1 & 8, 2017 Leesburg, VA