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Irish Soda Bread - American Style - Recipe

I love St. Patrick's Day, and I have tried making different versions of Irish soda bread over the years to celebrate.  To be honest the purist versions, left me disappointed.  I decided to sway from my uber traditionalness and give in to the American style.

Yes, it is not the pure Irish version which has just 4 ingredients (flour, salt, soda, buttermilk).  That is a bit austere, and while it has its place, I prefer the American style that adds more ingredients for flavor and improved texture.

I wanted a version that used some whole grains though, because I really dislike an all white bread.  No dry crumbly soda bricks here.  I doubt they had a lot of bleached, highly processed white flour in Ireland in the old days.  I added oat flour too, because it has a nice nutty flavor, and it adds a little moistness to the texture.  An egg helps with leavening, flavor, and texture.  I have seen some American versions including baking powder.  Not here.  I just use baking soda, and it comes t…

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