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Roasted Apple Bacon Brussels Sprouts - Recipe

Once again it is fall and apples and Brussels sprouts are at the farmer's market.  I think fall is such an exciting time to get back into the kitchen and use the stove!  It seems like the last thing I wanted to do in the summer was turn on the oven when it was 100 degrees outside, but now it is wonderful to warm up the kitchen and roast these beautiful Brussels sprouts, apples, and bacon.  Remember, everything is better with bacon!

     You can serve it as is or drizzle your favorite balsamic vinegar on top.  I used one infused with apple.  I also tried putting some on top of my Barbecue Beef (Sloppy Joe's).  You can find the Barbecue Beef (this is what we called it in the Midwest) recipe in my Comfort Food Cookbook.  I also put some in my Sunday morning Farm Market Frittata!  I added 2 cups of the Roasted Apple Bacon Brussels Sprouts in place of the pea shoots and cooked meat.

Roasted Apple Bacon Brussels Sprouts (Makes 4 cups)

1 lb. Brussels Sprouts
12 oz. - 1 lb. Bacon…

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